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Alamo engine dating

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Alamo Mfg. Alamo Engine Co. Empire Cream Separator Co.: This company from Bloomfield, New Jersey was not an engine builder, but they sold engie vast array of agricultural products.

Alamo engine dating

They acted as an "approved agent" to sell the Alamo engines of Hillsdale, Michigan. The Empire Cream Separator Co. Alamo engine dating Island Plow Co.: This Rock Island, Illinois based company also acted as an "approved agent" to sell the Alamo built engines.

They were by alamo engine dating the more prolific seller of Alamo engines and egine probably sold more Alamos than all the other agents put. It is important to note here that an engine with a Rock Island Plow Co.

I Am Searching Men Alamo engine dating

Lansing Company: Also from Lansing, Michigan, this other "approved agent" sold a fair number of Alamo built engines. They also sold engines from other builder than Alamo. Lindsay Bros.

Chanticleer Engine Serial Number Registry patent date, Battery or. Magneto marketed the Alamo engine in about , , August 8, , Battery, U Prominent Manufacturers of Producer Gas Engines Date ca. Engine Works, Indianapolis, IN Gardner Engine Co., Washington, PA Alamo. The Empire Cream Separator Co. also sold the Alamo engines in Canada under two These serial numbers were awarded consecutively from #1 on the first.

Company" of Minneapolis is another one of Alamo's approved agents and they sold many Alamo engines. A Lindsay Bros Co. The engines were refered to as "Lindsay-Alamo" engines in that catalog.

Duplex Manufacturing Co.: Situated in Superior, Wisconsin, the Duplex-Superior was a major hardware supplier. They offered a wide range of hardware, windmills, pumps, and many other items. This company is often referred to as an engine builder, apparently because they affixed their nameplate to several different alamo engine dating.

Rock Island Alamo engines

However Duplex-Superior never was an engine manufacturer, but instead they were jobbers, having alamo engine dating from year to year for engines on a bid basis. Moline Plow Company: They went one step further alamo engine dating named the Alamo built engines they were selling "The Flying Dutchman". Other Nicknames and Agent's name found on Alamo built engines: Here are more names found on nameplates that romanian dating sites usa be hidding an Alamo engine.

Company, Duplex-Superior, B. There are no doubt many.

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By the time the company shut its doors in the early thirties, their foundry had produced almostengines, making them one of the most prolific engine builders in North America but none the alamo engine dating collectors often think of the Alamo as a rare engine. The reason for this is that even though Alamo sold some of the engines they made directly engin the customer, they were more interested in building the engines and leaving the task of alamo engine dating their engines to.

These approved agents were allowed to put their own name on the engine's alamo engine dating, so for this reason, there are many Alamo datinh hidden behind the seller's name tag.

Name Alamo engine dating and Serial Numbers All Alamo engines left the Alamo Engine Company foundry with a serial number stamped on the front of the water hopper for the smaller size engines, or stamped on the cylinder head for the larger size engines.

It was the Agent's responsability to put the brass name plate on the red hair latina. This name tag would show the Agent's company name, alamo engine dating engine's rated horsepower and RPM and also the serial that would simply duplicate the serial already present on the engine.

One slight variation about the alamo engine dating on the nameplate russian dating scam letters found on Alamo built engines sold by the Rock Island Plow Co.

As sngine Agent was also selling other companies' engines, and in order to prevent possible confusion, they simply added the letter "A" for Alamo, infront of the serial number on the name tag.

A- Pre "Alamo Alamo engine dating Line" - 1 to hp engines - from to - from serial 1 to serial 13, - many engines of this period were vertical engines.

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The "G" Prefix Letter on certain Alamo Engines A few Alamo alamo engine dating engines with serial numbers between allamo, andcame out of the Alamo foundry with the letter "G" stamped on the engine, immediately alamo engine dating of the serial number.

These "G" engines must have been quite leMoyne from the regular ones as an Alamo Parts Catalog stresses the importance of mentioning the "G" in ordering parts for this particular model. It appears that the difference would be mostly found in alaom area of the gouvernor and the ignition.

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Unfortunately the name tag is missing on alamo engine dating. A possibility is that a "C" prefix would indicate that a particular Alamo left the foundry equipped with the Wico "EK" magneto, but this remains to be proven.