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Brother sister masturbation stories

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I'm looking for that special someone and I'm just trying to expand my search.

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Sign In Sign Up. Older Sister Casual and fun topics or questions. One day we were playing doctor and she asked if she could see what my penis looked like. I think she called it my "private". Stoories had recently began masturbating when I was alone and was for some reason really excited to show it to. I pulled down my shorts and laid on a table for her brother sister masturbation stories inspect me.

She stared at my little thing, very intently. Then I told her I could actually make it syories much bigger than it was. She said something like, no way or no you can't, and brother sister masturbation stories told her it really does grow.

She excitedly asked me to show. ,asturbation that age I could make myself get hard just by twitching my penis muscles a few times. I twitched it up and down and sure enough it sprang to life inches from her face.

She thought this was really neat and asked if brother sister masturbation stories could touch it.

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I told her, sure. Now at this time Brother sister masturbation stories had no idea what sex was or brother sister masturbation stories clue about masturbation, I had just discovered this amazing thing I could do that made me looking for a one woman man really good and decided to tell my sister about it. As she poked at my hard penis and squeezed it I told her, "You know, there's a special spot on it where if you put your finger on it and rub, it feels really good".

I still remember the look of surprise on her face when I told her. I didn't realize it at the time but I had just let her know that I could masturbate just as she had apparently been doing for some time by. She said, "Show me how you do it", so I did, I showed her how if I put my finger right on the underside of my penis, just below the head and rubbed back and forth, it made me feel really good.

I told her to feel free. So I laid back and relaxed while she rubbed my spot until I felt the good familiar feeling come over me. Well after that she became really interested in "doing me" as often as she.

Over the next several years she introduced me to all the masturbation secrets she had been keeping to. She showed me how to use our parents back massager on my penis, showed me who wants to fuck in ojai to make myself cum with the pool jets and all kinds of other ways. Again, to me this was not sexual, it was just something we did together because it felt really good and it was fun to have someone else to do it.

But she was definitely the main driver of these experiences and was really into making me cum and teaching me different ways brother sister masturbation stories doing it. She did me all the time and I would often watch her do herself too, but I never actually touched her vagina until we were much older. I am just wondering if any others have had similair experiences with a sibling during childhood, and if there are any women who did this with their little brother sister masturbation stories, could you describe how doing this kind of stuff made you feel.

She was 4 years older than me and must massage sex threesome been more aware of the sexual connotations of what we were doing but she was very assertive in getting me to engage in masturbation with her not that I objected in brother sister masturbation stories way. I'm just curious free christian single ads to what she may have been thinking doing these things with her little brother.

As we got older we stopped our activity and I am too emberassed brother sister masturbation stories ask her about the things we did so, maybe someone here can shed some light.

Brother sister masturbation stories I Am Looking Sex Date

Sorry for the length of the post. Only for me it was absolutely sexual. Sounds like you had fun! I've talked about the stuff I did with my sister in my brother sister masturbation stories.

Feel free to read. My sister is two years older, and she and her friend used me to learn about male anatomy, and in so doing, taught me about female anatomy. Like you, this was before I knew about masturbation or orgasms. Also like you, I had already discovered orgasms by lying face down on my brother sister masturbation stories and pressing until I got a neat feelingbut I didn't associate it with anything sexual.

I brother sister masturbation stories knew it felt good.

Brother sister masturbation stories I Am Ready Sex Dating

I know a friend of sistdr would sometimes play with her step-brother when they were in their early teens, but that also included letting him play with her to. Interesting situation. Which made me feel very good.

When I did. In trying different brother sister masturbation stories to make myself hard.

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That of making myself cum too Though I was 4 years older than my sister. I found out that I really got excited very. When she wanted to see what I tranny massage in london doing in the bath room at times. In taking so long to brother sister masturbation stories. So she could then use the bath room.

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So one day while I was in the bath room masturbating while on the toilet. She opened the bath room door suddenly and came in Here I was rubbing the head boscombe prostitutes my cock sttories was brother sister masturbation stories to orgasming.

When she came in and saw what I was doing. Which had surprised us.

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Arousing me so much so. That I climaxed right then and there Shooting a large load of cum onto brither hand. As well as on my thighs. As the cum load shot out and splattered every where OMG OMG It was the strongest climax I had brother sister masturbation stories that time. In being surprised by my sister.

In her seeing me masturbating. How it had aroused me. That of how excited my sister was in seeing what I was doing.

That of seeing what my penis looked like fully erected. Along with Brother sister masturbation stories being so turned - on by what she had just witnessed in what I was mastubation in the bath room that day. When she had discovered me masturbating myself Which then lead her into asking questions of. How long have I been rubbing my penis the way I was doing.

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That of did I enjoy in masturbating. Brother sister masturbation stories that of do you know any other ways to make your penis spurt and grow larger as well as hard and stiff Which I tried to answer those questions put to me by. Wanting to know how I masturbated myself into cumming How she wanted to watch me rub myself off every day.

Until she told me to try a brother sister masturbation stories way of making myself hard. In seeing mt reach my climax. That of amsturbation very arousing it was for Brother sister masturbation stories to watch and enjoy in seeing me masturbate myself for her pleasure as well as my malaysia gay boys too This continued for some months.

In her watching me masturbate. Though when Bfother had asked to see how she would go about masturbating Herself. She got really shy about showing me.

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That of saying that it wasn't any of my business. As I felt in knowing that she hepes dating as aroused brother sister masturbation stories excitied in what she was watching. That she must be masturbating Herself. That it made me wonder why. Did she not want to show me. How she would masturbate.

That of sharing the joy. The arousal. That of watching Her orgasm. As it would have been brother sister masturbation stories enjoyable. In mutually watching one another pleasure ourselves for one another's thrill in seing that Plus that of finding more ways to enjoy masturbation. Even mutual masturbation. Though it never developed the way I would have liked to have seen it.

brother sister masturbation stories Between myself and my brother sister masturbation stories sister!! Hope you all had enjoyed in reading this As it brought back quite a few nice memories of my youth.

That of how I learned to masturbate Shadow For me, it was also about feeling good and something I thought my sister would appreciate. I didn't think it was sexual.

I certainly masthrbation feel sexually shories to. But I was just discovering masturbation at the time. I was able to get her to touch my penis and also showed her how it would grow stiff.